Status message with links

Is it somehow possible to add status messages with links ?

I was hoping for a content rule like this:

Warning: You have added some content to 'some container'. Please read this

UPDATE: Autocorr changed 'link' to 'line' in Subject.

I think we did this in some older project. Possible you have to modify the related template and add structure: to the snippet rendering the status message.

Thanks, that seems to do the trick

<tal:statusmsg tal:define="messages view/messages"
tal:repeat="message messages">
<div tal:define="mtype message/type | nothing;
    message message/message | nothing;"
    tal:attributes="class string:portalMessage ${mtype};">
        i18n:translate="" tal:content="python:mtype.capitalize()">Info</strong>
    <span class="content"
        tal:replace="structure message">
        The status message.


Maybe this should be default ?

A note: The (original) <span> has a class of 'content', that has no use (?) since tal:replace replaces the whole span

A general structure support may raise XSS issues unless all messages are properly escaped before.

Thanks (it will be on a closed intranet, but probably worth doing it properly anyway.