State of Collective.texttospeak

I made a site in Plone 4.x with collective.texttospeak, which is now upgraded a few times … now it is 5.2 .
I know it worked in 5.1.x, but in 5.2 it is not working anymore.

Maybe because I moved to https, maybe because it now needs a licence, or maybe something else.

Does anyone have a working, running collective.texttospeak site ?


isn't just html? put it in the a viewlet registered on the context you want and forget about it.

Anyway, what is the error? browser console? error log?

I enabled http (again) and it works (but still shows some javascript errors).
A bit odd, since it looks like the script links uses https (so it would feel more natural if https worked and not http)

texttospeak has hardcoded loading of a javascript to http,
so adding the script locally and changing the path works:

(edited answer)

is already ok, maybe you was using an outdated version?