Start with themes

Hello again,


Use the buttons to create or upload a new Diazo theme, or select an existing theme from a the list below.

I don't see any list below of themes.

I can't find the way to install new themes like it is in drupal .

Can't find anything in documentation, I just want to try different themes.

Editor seems to be ok.

Is it better to try plone 4 ? ( like drupal 8 is way to complicated and some people prefer drupal 7 ).


One thing to understand with Plone is that in general you start with an HTML template and then make it into a Plone theme. There are a few ready made Plone themes but those tend to be the exceptions.

I suggest Plone 5 if you're just getting started.

Thanks again,

I still don't know how to replace the basic theme.

There is no list of themes like in drupal for example.

There are not that many themes available for Plone 5 yet, but you can at least try these:

Also, for TTW: