Sprint Topics/Ideas from Jamaican "sprinters" participating at Barcelona PloneConf2017 Sprints

Jamaican "sprinters" @b4oshany and @pigeonflight will be at the upcoming sprints :slight_smile:
These are some ideas I'm playing with for the sprints this weekend.

PloneConf2017 Ideas/Topics for Sprints

  1. A library of Plone components for the Figma - design and prototyping tool.
  2. Implement better avatar/profile pic support
  3. Full end to end dev/deploy experience on top of plone bobtemplates - For example, create a "happy path" to Gitlab CI for Plone add-ons. It could be based on these notes here: http://cosent.nl/en/blog/plone-gitlab-continuous-integration might be something to be added to bobtemplates.plone
  4. Look for places to update the UX around link sharing. People expect to see image previews when sharing links (for example, try adding a link with Google+):
  5. Video training sprint - record two or three really good quality Plone introductory videos
  6. A System for Theme customisation for Plone - Diazo Theme Customisation
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