Sprint to update add-ons to work with P5?

Continuing the discussion from What ist the best/default implementation for static complex HTML in the content body area:

We started this process in Bucharest.

What would be your top add-ons that need to get updated to work with P5?

Does it make sense to try to organize a sprint to push this forward?

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in our case, at least the following:

all of them used in projects of the Brazilian government.

We often use:

but i think plone.app.mosaic is the better choice than collective.cover. I have forked webcouturier.dropdownmenu and work on a P5 Version. But i'm not that experienced with the test-machinery, so it takes a time.

What we need is Link to extern/intern Pages in the Leadimage Behavior of plone.app.contenttypes, but this is probably not the right Topic here.

In a University site we use:

Products.CMFBibliographyAT is another add-on very useful for Universities. I'm not sure if this is working in Plone 5.

@vangheem and I have been working on FSD to make it work with P5, but we are taking a very minimalist approach (and as part of that, we have a version of archetypes.referencebrowserwidget working with P5 as well). Will take a bit more testing. https://github.com/plone/archetypes.referencebrowserwidget includes the latest fixes already.