Sprint in Toulouse!

Ever wanted to visit Toulouse in the south west of France?

The Toulouse Sprint (28-30 july) is the perfect opportunity!

We will focus on the headless CMS:

  • improve the Plone REST API like adding missing components (navigation, actions, ...), finish framing, etc.
  • work on the Guillotina stack
  • improve the Angular Plone SDK
  • create training material
  • produce documentation for non-Plone experts (we have a good documentation about the REST API for instance, but it implies people already know about all the Plone concepts, like what is a content, what is a workflow, etc.)
  • others?

I wish I could go!!!

Don't forget to submit an event on plone.org :slight_smile:

That sounds awesome! Both Toulouse and Headless CMS!

The home of the guillotine!