Sorrento Sprint on Frontend Modernization April 12-19

April 12-19, 2019


I would be interested in sprinting on how to promote headless Plone, e.g. with content on and and maybe, which was an effort to create a SaaS showcase showing developers how to use the REST API and a JS front end against a Plone backend they could create on demand (free vs paid tiers).


Posting the subtopics in the context of this thread helps me, hopefully it is helpful to others.

The proposed subtopics for the Sprint

  1. Volto aka plone-react
  2. Content quality checking
  3. Accessibility improvements
  4. Contextual image alt text
  5. Improved accessibility for overlays, dialogs, and menus
  6. ATAG 2.0 Part B compliance: single page and site-wide compliance checkers
  7. Incorporate a11y checking into travis/jenkins process
  8. Parity between Plone 5 and Volto for accessibility features
  9. Supporting service workers for improved performance
  10. Plone 5 UX improvements
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For item #1 Volto, I'd love to see reference deployment information (started a discussion here: Volto - Deployment options )

I edited your response above to make the Volto subtopic a link to the new Volto discussion thread :slight_smile:

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Where can I sign up for Sorrento?

The event dates have changed to April 12-19 (because of a booking at the hotel, out of our hands)

The event at has been updated.

There will be two training classes offered:

  • porting to Python 3
  • React/Plone-React training

You can register from the page at


there is still 7-14. april on (which is the week of easter holidays in austria).

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Thanks - I will fix shortly

Are the trainings days fixed? i.e. first or last days? how long are they? questions questions :slight_smile:

The training dates and times are now listed on the event and the registration form:

  • Python 3 porting training, by Philip Bauer; 10 am - 1 pm (choose either April 13, 14, or 15)
  • React/Plone-React training, by Rob Gietema; 10 am - 1pm (choose either April 16, 17, or 18)

I've updated with the changed dates (April 12-19) and info about the training being offered this year. I've also added training info to

(Apologies: we have had many discussions and have taken a lot of suggestions about the format and focus for this year's PLOG and as we incorporate them we are also trying to keep all these content items synchronized!)

The Sorrento Sprint, AKA PLOG, was a big success, you can read the sprint report here:

We're already planning the next one and have a tentative date. Mark your calendars for April 3-10 2020 and plan to join us!


And if you'd like to read more about the social aspects of this year's PLOG, you can read my blog post about it here:

It is sounding like the date for next year may be a little later in April. Stay tuned.