Solving the meta tags error in the html build

How do I solve these meta errors as given in the "Contributing to documentation"

I have encountered them while building html pages using the "make html" command

Thanks for asking. They can be safely ignored. It means that the page lacks content in the HTML meta tag section. This is usually because the page itself lacks content, and is merely a placeholder for a content expert to migrate Plone 5 documentation to Plone 6. Once the page has content, then the HTML meta tags can be populated with search engine optimization terms that reflect the content.

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Oh! I understand. Yes, the " annotations " page is empty, however, when that page contains material, the errors will automatically disappear. Right?

More precisely, when an author adds content to the page, then adds data in the HTML meta tags that reflect the content, then the errors will go away. Specifically these need to be populated:

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Thanks for explaining!