[Solved] Where is the behavior "plone.selectablecontrainstypes" defined?

In the docs is the shortname "plone.selectablecontrainstypes" listed.
I use this behavior in my type:

<property name="behaviors"
    <element value="plone.basic"/>
    <element value="plone.leadimage"/>
    <element value="plone.richtext"/>
    <element value="plone.publication"/>
    <element value="plone.namefromtitle"/>
    <element value="plone.excludefromnavigation"/>
    <element value="plone.shortname"/>
    <element value="plone.locking"/>
    <element value="plone.ownership"/>
    <element value="plone.selectablecontrainstypes"/>

If i call my contenttype i see an error in the logs:

 Error resolving behavior plone.selectablecontrainstypes for factory MyTestType

If i grep over my complete installation directory:

grep -irl 'plone.selectablecontrainstypes' ./*

i didn't find anything, except the xml file of my type.

Is the shortname not defined? Or in which package lives the behavior defintion?

There is only plone.constraintypes. It points to plone.app.dexterity.behaviors.constrains.ConstrainTypesBehavior.

I think part your problem is a typo: contrains should be constrain

Yes this was my mistake :roll_eyes:. Thanks for Hint. We should update the docs :wink:

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