[Solved] Volto error on domain A but not B

We were upgrading one of the Plone Classic sites to Volto. For this we created [b.mydomain] and tested all functionality, everything was working fine in [b.mydomain].

When we change the configuration of [a.mydomain] to match that of [b.mydomain], the site seam to work fine but then we notice some strange behavior.

  1. on [a.mydomain] when you are not authorized to view a page/file you get a 'Connection refused' instead of 'Unauthorized' you get in [b.mydomain].
  2. most importantly, when trying to download a file on [a.mydomain] you get a connect ECONNREFUSED [plone-volto-ip]:443, the files download fine in [b.mydomain] when logged in and give an " Unauthorized" if you are not logged in as expected.

nginx is running on one server and plone-volto on another. the nginx configuration on [a.mydomain] and [b.mydomain] are identical except for "server_name".

I can't find any line in either volto nor plone that identifies the [b.mydomain] or [a.mydomain].

neither plone nor volto is running on [plone-volto-ip]:443 where did it get this from?

nginx config https://pastebin.com/raw/Py6RSfpF

I had to add the following lines to the .env file in the volto project,

RAZZLE_API_PATH= https://[a.mydomain]
RAZZLE_INTERNAL_API_PATH= http://[plone-volto-ip]:8080/enc/plone/docs

it would work fine on [b.mydomain] without it but not on [a.mydomain]

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