[SOLVED] Troubleshootinging Markdown mathjax

Sometime, probably during an upgrade an upgrade, some of my markdown mathjax is not rendering correctly

$\frac{28370,84\ tonn\text{ x } 1,010 \cancel{\color{#8a0f00}{t/m^3}}}{1,025 \cancel{\color{#8a0f00}{t/m^3}}}$ = 27955,7 tonn
  1. The code render correctly on stackedit
  2. The code used to render correctly
  3. The code renders if I remove ^ in m^3.
  4. $m^3$ render correctly if 'used alone/elsewhere'
  5. Everything works OK 'in html'

Any suggestion on where to look first (portal transform or similar ? )

Looks like markdown_superscript_extension misbehaves now, so removing it solves the problem

( and do a regexp replace of ^(.*)?^ to <sub> \1</sub>)

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