[SOLVED] Splitting up registry.xml into multiple smaller files?

Is anyone aware of XINCLUDE support for the XML-based generic setup configuration files?

Background: the registry.xml files are very large, complex and hard to maintain. At least for own site customizations I would be neat if you could split up your own registry configurations (e.g. the mailhost configuration (IMailSchema)) into their own XML files and include them altogether using XInclude inside the main registry.xml?!


You can split your registry.xml file into multiple ones and put them in a folder called "registry". See https://pypi.org/project/plone.app.registry/#using-multiple-registry-xml-files for details.



Awesome, Thanks for the Info :+1:

AFAIK, this was a recent PLIP. https://github.com/plone/Products.CMFPlone/issues/1484