[SOLVED] Remove "Title" from image tag (in TAL)

If a template is showing an image with:

<img tal:replace="structure python:scaled_image.tag()"/>

Is it possible to remove/override "Title" or do I need to "construct all of it (url, alt, class)?

I want this because it makes no sense to show a title in a slider or gallery on mouse over.

You can set this as a param in the tag function:

<img class="lead-image" alt="" src=""
    tal:define="scale entry/@@images;"
    tal:replace="structure python:scale.scale('teaser_image', scale='preview').tag(css_class='lead-image', title=None)" />


Works like a breeze

Just for reference, this is the method used: https://github.com/plone/plone.namedfile/blob/master/plone/namedfile/scaling.py#L88

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