[SOLVED] Remove Manager rights

If a user was added with 'Manager' rights, is there a way to remove it (and make him a 'normal user' ?

Revoke the Manager role through the control panel and if necessary from related groups with Manager permission..also local Manager role assignments need to be removed (possibly zopyx.cassandra will help here (not sure if it works on Plone 5.2))

Sorry, did not understand that.
To me, it looks like those permissions that were added 'later' can be remove, but not those made when adding the user. What am I missing here ?

So, 'rights' is the role here. Go to the user/group control panel and uncheck the Manager role.

Thats it, thanks. Forgot that it is actually a group. A bit weird, though, that the user that got it added in the 'users control panel' does not show up in the group

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