[Solved] Remove Interfaces: Error "Can only remove directly provided interfaces."

I have a Plonesite 5.1.5, formerly plone.app.imagecropping was installed. The AddOn is uninstalled, but available in the Filesystem. But all my Image DX Types Object still implements the Interfaces

(Pdb++) IImageCroppingDX.providedBy(obj)
(Pdb++) IImageCroppingMarker.providedBy(obj) 

I think it comes from this ZCML-Snippet from the plone.app.imagecropping AddOn

<!-- plone.app.imagecropping/configure.zcml -->
<class class="plone.app.contenttypes.content.Image">
    <implements interface=".dx.IImageCroppingDX" />

Now i would like remove the interfaces via

(Pdb++) from zope.interface.declarations import noLongerProvides
(Pdb++) from plone.app.imagecropping.dx import IImageCroppingDX
(Pdb++) from plone.app.imagecropping.interfaces import IImageCroppingMarker
(Pdb++) noLongerProvides(obj, IImageCroppingDX)
*** ValueError: Can only remove directly provided interfaces.

Question: How can I remove the unused Interfaces on every Object?

Ok i solved my Problem. I delete the addon fro the egg directory and all was fine. :roll_eyes: