[SOLVED] Reindexing "language neutral" objects in GS upgrade step

Hi all,

I am attempting to reindex some content from a language independent folder.

The value is contained in a cell of a datagrid field.

All looks fine when browsing to the content in any language, the new value is displayed in my datagrid.

I have this value indexed as a FieldIndex in the portal catalog through a custom indexer. What surprised me is that when I browse the portal catalog index, the new value is displayed only for the a single language version of the object which has been reindexed. The old value still appears for the other languages.

If I then reindex the FieldIndex in the portal catalog, the new value is displayed for all languages.

How do I avoid this manual step?

Found what I was looking for: catalog.manage_reindexIndex(ids=['my_field'])

Hattip @pbauer