[SOLVED] Purge all registry (.xml)

Is there a way to purge (remove) EVERYthing in the registry (registry.xml).

I am upgrading a site and want to remove a lot of old entries that are no longer wanted, so I plan to export the registry.xml from the old, delete things like 'plonetruegallysettings', my-own settings, revert things to default etc. and then import this xml

Solved, this way:

  1. I made an (uninstall) profile with registry.xml
  2. I exported registry.xml from my site
  3. I added 'remove="True"' to all the records (that I wanted to delete)
  4. Alternatively, add remove=True to all and make a new install profile with the records 'you need' (copied from a fresh instance, maybe)

So, basically the xml will contain a lot of lines below:
Note: I did not find out how to remove by using <records (which was used in the install profiles. That is why I had to export the registry.xml to get the syntax

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<record remove="True" name="some.addon.interfaces.ISomeInterface.something" interface="some.addon.interfaces.ISomeSettings" field="something">


… etc