[SOLVED] Personal notes for content items (Plone 6 Classic)

I have been asked to make a 'tab' (or portlet or whatever) for 'personal notes' for some content item (types). How could/should that be done?

I other words, after someone has added 'SomeContentItem' of type 'SomeContentType', user A can add his personal comments to it, which only he/she can edit/read. Same with user B.

Maybe I should make the content type folderish and keep the 'comments' inside it, or make the content related items ?

Anything 'special' I should keep in mind ?

UPDATE: I have dont this the following way, hopefully that is good enough (if not, tell).

  1. My ContentItem A is folderish and can only contain content type 'personal_notes'
  2. Field 'Personal Notes' of 'A' is a rich text field.
  3. When saving content type A, a content type type of 'personal_notes' is saved if 'Notes' field is not empty. After that, field 'notes' field is 'cleared'.
  4. When editing 'A', field 'notes' is populated with content of 'personal_notes'.

3 is done with a subscriber similar to this:

def save_note(object, event):
    """Make notes content items"""
   context = object
   user =  api.user.get_current().getMemberId()
   item = api.content.find(context=context, id=user, portal_type='personal_notes' )
   #Update personal note with content
   if  IObjectModifiedEvent.providedBy(event):
            if not item:
                # Notes does not exist yet, create it
                if object.private_notes:
                    item = api.content.create(
                notes_item = item[0].getObject()
                notes_item.bodytext = object.private_notes
                object.private_notes = None

In the edit form, I will use something like this:

                    context = self.context
                    user =  api.user.get_current().getMemberId()
                    item = api.content.find(context=context, id=user, portal_type='personal_notes' )
                    if item:
                        notes_item = item[0].getObject()
                        group.widgets['private_notes'].value = notes_item.bodytext 
                        self.private_notes = None

Take a look at GitHub - plone/plone.app.discussion: General commenting system for Plone content.

Its comment form can be extended with additional fields. See the (rather old) documentation: Howto extend the comment form with additional fields — plone.app.discussion v2.0 documentation

Add a behavior with a custom permission? Full control over fields and views.

If it's simple notes, maybe annotations can be a good enough solution?

I dont to 'remove default discussions', so I dont want to override that.
My main concern is 'speed and how easy it will be to delete the notes together with the content item.

Or can I add 'something similar' with permission on field?

If there are 100 users (each with own notes), it is probably best to to not store all with the content (item) itself (?)