[Solved] How to hide the description field?

I have a very simple schema based on plone.supermodel.model.Schema
I want hide the description (summary) field in the form.


I guess you are using Model-driven Type (.xml)?

If so and if you only want to hide the field you could use css, also there are some problems with the AddForm there (body_class has no identifier on AddForms, just on EditForms as far as I know).

Another Way would be disabling the Basic-Behavior and writing an own Title Field. But as far as today I only did this in schema-driven types, so never tried it out with a model-driven type.

..or if you have your own theme package: hide it using jQuery or CSS

Yes, with a "plone.app.dexterity.behaviors.metadata.IBasic" behavior, so I removed it from the xml definition and added the title field directly in my python schema, without a description field.


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