[Solved] Haproxy and Plone docker images 5.2.8 and 5.2.9: CPU 100%

Hi all,
I just faced a strange CPU 100% issue with docker images of plone 5.2.8 and 5.2.9 (5.2.7 is safe).

The problem raises when you start a zeoclient behind an already started haproxy daemon. If you start a zeoclient and then the haproxy, the cpu behaves normally.

The very weird thing is that starting zeoclient after haproxy yields CPU 100% BUT shutting down haproxy has no effect and the cpu still remains stuck on 100% of load (the process that loads the CPU is the /plone/instance/parts/instance/bin/interpreter one).

I have reproduced the problem using official vanilla plone docker images and eeacms/haproxy on two different linux distributions (different docker/docker-compose versions) so I'm pretty sure it's a deterministic issue.

Starting a Plone5.2.9/5.2.8 in a local buildout behind the same eeacms/haproxy docker daemon is free of this issue so far.


Reading here

found that setting http-fast-listen = off in the buildout [instance] section, seems to solve the issue.

If you read further it didn't solve our problem. Switching to a different WSGI Server was our solution.

So also asyncore-use-poll=on was not helpful?