[SOLVED] Finding today in restricted python

Is it possible to find (date time) today in restricted python?

I need to sort for future events in a themingfragment.

PS: Other suggestions are welcome (for example, can I get the items for /events/aggregator or similar

Pretty sure it works. Just import it and use it.

For everything else we keep adding to https://github.com/collective/collective.trustedimports.

Looks like you are right.

I have always used pythons data time to find today, but it looks like it can be found with (something like):

from DateTime import DateTime
today = DateTime()


def get_items(self):
    from DateTime import DateTime
    date_range = {
        'query': (
        'range': 'min',

return  self.context.portal_catalog(portal_type='Event', end=date_range)

PS: I changed to 'end' instead of 'start' since it makes more sense to list it until it is finished.