[SOLVED] Constantly logged out of Zope

How can I figure out why I am constantly logged out from Zope (every few minutes)?

I am doing some work on an (developing) external site, so I am accessing their Plone from http://their_ip:port/Plone.
Site is Plone 6, Python 3.9, installed (upgraded) with buildout.
It is not complicated and hardly any add-ons.
There is 'nothing in front' as far as I know.

PS: I can probably get SSH access, but we are in completely different time zones, so it is best to have a plan beforehand

UPDATE; I have gotten access to wsgi.ini, it looks like this (threads are 4, that should be enough when we are enough users anyway):

  paste.server_factory = plone.recipe.zope2instance:main
  use = egg:plone.recipe.zope2instance#main
  fast-listen =
  threads = 4
  clear_untrusted_proxy_headers = false
  max_request_body_size = 1073741824
  asyncore_use_poll = false

  use = egg:Zope#main
  zope_conf = /home/ubuntu/disk2/Plone6/Something.Plone6buildoutEMN/parts/instance/etc/zope.conf

  use = egg:Paste#translogger
  setup_console_handler = False

  use = egg:plone.recipe.zope2instance#sentry
  dsn = 
  level = INFO
  event_level = ERROR
  ignorelist = 

  use = egg:repoze.profile
  log_filename = /home/ubuntu/disk2/Plone6/Something.Plone6buildoutEMN/var/log/profile-instance.raw
  cachegrind_filename = /home/ubuntu/disk2/Plone6/Something.Plone6buildoutEMN/var/log/cachegrind.out.instance
  discard_first_request = true
  path = /__profile__
  flush_at_shutdown = true
  unwind = false

  pipeline =

  keys = root, plone, waitress.queue, waitress, wsgi

  keys = console, accesslog, eventlog

  keys = generic, message

  level = INFO
  handlers = console, eventlog

  level = INFO
  handlers = eventlog
  qualname = plone

  level = INFO
  handlers = eventlog
  qualname = waitress.queue
  propagate = 0

  level = INFO
  handlers = eventlog
  qualname = waitress

  level = INFO
  handlers = accesslog
  qualname = wsgi
  propagate = 0

  class = StreamHandler
  args = (sys.stderr,)
  level = NOTSET
  formatter = generic

  class = FileHandler
  args = (r'/home/ubuntu/disk2/Plone6/Something.Plone6buildoutEMN/var/log/instance-access.log', 'a')
  kwargs = {}
  level = INFO
  formatter = message

  class = FileHandler
  args = (r'/home/ubuntu/disk2/Plone6/Something.Plone6buildoutEMN/var/log/instance.log', 'a')
  kwargs = {}
  level = NOTSET
  formatter = generic

  format = %(asctime)s %(levelname)-7.7s [%(name)s:%(lineno)s][%(threadName)s] %(message)s

  format = %(message)s

Maybe you're using different urls?

No, I edit some text, and if I spend too long time 'thinking', I get kicked out (so when I click save, I have to 'login'.

PS: It is not just me, also others in 'different locations'.

So you've a short timeout for the session? Or session is not refreshed as it should? I've found this, maybe it apply?

So, theoretically, this could happen if/if not plone.restapi is installed (?)
If so, I will test with / without it

I changed the passwords as suggested, and also added plone.session ( plone.restapi was installed) and now I am not beeing kicked out anymore. Hopefully, it will stay that way :slight_smile:

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