Solve this Salesforce and Plone Web-to-Lead question?

Hey Plone forum,

Thanks in advance for any and all help. This is also a question about links to inaccessible content on the Plone training site.

We're trying out set up of a simple Salesforce web-to-lead on our Plone site. When adding Salesforce HTML output for the form to new page in the source code the names of the fields come through but neither the input text field boxes or submit button shows up. Code works in a simple HTML viewer.

Search brings up:

That link includes two more links to the Plone training site and neither work:

What suggestions do you have for how to get the Web-to-Lead form to work?
How could we still access these videos?

We had a wonderful dev team help get our site up and running. I have been learning Plone this past year after no prior experience and was curious to see if this was a simple thing to do. Love to learn a bit more about Plone and fix. Much appreciation for everyone's expertise.


You can find both links on the Waybackmachine, the second link describes an approach that is 11 years old. I doubt this will be of much help as both Salesforce and Plone have gone through many changes...

The solution was apparently based on some adapter, described here

This project may be more relevant for your purpose:

Record Management

To create a new ‘Contact’ in Salesforce:


Thank you @mtrebron. Sincerely appreciate your reply. Will look into old links and see what if any usefulness they may have and check out the more recent project.