SOAP with Plone 5

I need create web service (SOAP) on Plone site. Is there a best practice addon/way?

I would really recommend to use JSON RESTAPI instead of SOAP (plone.restapi provides everything you might need), but if you are really stuck with SOAP then the old ZOPE XML-RPC feature is probably a good way:

No, I need SOAP with document style.

You can check z3c.soap to achieve that. I haven't used it in Plone 5, but it used to work on Plone 4.

z3c.soap depends on PyXML>=0.8.3, but PyXML was removed from pypi becouse is not compatible with Python 2.7

This is also sadly depending on PyXML.

I guess the way to go these days would be to build something on top of soaplib and

Take a look at plone.restapi for how JSON endpoints have been implemented there on top of

@Alexander_Loechel lately pointed me to

No sure how this fits into a Plone/Zope environment.


I need create in ZMI the script to handle/detect SOAP request.