Small add'on to improve pdf & file view/downloads, can't remember name

I recently stumbled upon a small Plone add'on which improves the file view/download template in Plone. mainly to fix pdf's showing inline instead of always being offered as a download. But I cannot find it again. It had a non obvious package name, it's not rer.downloadurl, but something else.

Been searching for 45 minuts, on this forum as well, but cannot find it again. Let's try some community memory, anyone?

I remember it was discussed here, and I think @smcmahon created it?

Edit: this one?

Thanks, yes that’s the one!

I vaguely remember it being from Steve, but I also couldn’t find it on PyPi’s author list either.

That is one of various projects that I did over the years but never got around to transferring to the collective and uploading to PyPI. If anyone's interested in doing that with this one, feel free!

Oh, this would be very useful!
I'm not familiar with the process to transfer to the collective and upload to PyPI
Can it be used as is from github?
thx very much!

Can it be used as is from github?

Sure. ?