Slider images onclick behaviour on Safari

Hello community,
I searched the forum and the documentation, but I wasn't able to find a solution, so wanted to ask here.
On the website I am currently working on, I am using 'volto-slider-block' add-on. The slides that I created can't be clicked (to open the image link) on Chrome and Firefox, which is what I want. But on Safari, I can click it, and it goes to the URL of the image.
I want to disable it for the Safari as well. Does anyone know how to change this behavior?

I'd suggest creating a bug report on the github repo of the add-on.

Thanks for the suggestion. I created a bug report and they wrote back very quickly.

For anyone seeing this in the future; I found the solution by customizing the 'DefaultBody.jsx' of the 'volto-slider-block/components'. Deleted href parameter from the 'MaybeWrap' component, and voila! Now it is just an image slider.