Site Admin rights


In older Plone installations a Manager of an side had had the rights to see only his ZMI. Now in Plone 4 a Manager is also the admin of the global ZMI and not only of the ZMI of his side.

How can I create a "Site Administrator" o a "Manager" with rights to see the ZMI for his side and only for his side?

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Hi Bieli - I don't think that is a change in Plone 4; that behaviour was there in older versions too. It depends on what kind of account you create: if it's created in the root (top level) of the Zope, e.g. localhost:8080/manage then it will have rights in all contained objects including Plone site(s)

To limit an account to just its site, you should create the Plone account using the site's Users and Groups control panel, e.g. localhost:8080/Plone/@@overview-controlpanel

Oh, you are right, that was my fault.


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