Single quote in folder's title rendered as ' in drop down menu


  • Linux Mageia 7
  • Plone 5.2.3 (5210)
  • CMF 2.4.8
  • Zope 4.5.3
  • Python 3.7.9 (default, Dec 24 2020, 09:00:40) [GCC 8.4.0]
  • PIL 6.2.2 (Pillow)
  • WSGI : Activé
  • Serveur : waitress 1.4.4

with the following modules:

  • Products.CMFPlacefulWorkflow 2.0.3
  • 3.3.15
  • plone.restapi 6.15.0
  • plone.session 3.7.5


As shown by the following screenshot, the single (not curly) quote in the title of a folder isn't properly rendered in the drop down menu: Après l'IUTAprès l'IUT.


How to get rid of such artifacts?

Probably related to: Unicode characters in menu. When was it fixed - #2 by pbauer

I have no more info, but I can confirm that the same happens on my only 5.2.3 site.

Ooops, sorry for the duplicate!

Maybe it is not, my error was in earlier Plone.
Maybe it is reintroduced.

Wild, wild guess, but could you try to use a lower version of c.jsonserializer, I have a vague memory that 'there was something wrong there'

$ locate *json*serializer* returns nothing.

Sorry, the add-on is called plone.jsonserializer

This addon is not installed in my instance.