Simpler (no html) Editors in Plone 5

Are there any simpler editors that can be used with Plone 5 ? Something 'not html' (if it can be used without a mouse it would be perfect)

For example a rich markdown editor

I might want to make one for example:
Any suggestions/help would be great.

Markup is simpler than HTML? The editor does not deal with HTML. An editor deals with the layout options that you allow by configuration. Markup is not a format for average authors.


Yes, markdown is simpler and I want something that can be written without using a mouse.
Anyway, I need an answer to my question, not a discussion about best format.

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There are truly numerous markup editors that you can hook easily into a DX Text field some Javascript


I am trying to integrate offline editor, so I installed my own stackedit server:

It has some plugins to export to
Blogger, Dropbox, Gist, GitHub, Google Drive, SSH server, Tumblr, WordPress

So I am wondering how difficult it would be to make a plone plugin, if someone (that know javascript better than me) could looke at and point me in the right direction.