Show item count on homepage

I have following folders in my site with some items:


I would like to display the items count on the home page thus:

Books    Music       Videos 
10           5              12

What's the best way to achieve this using TTW plone customization. Thanks!

Only the item count (and not any of the items)?

If you want to show the item count and the items (and search/filter functionality) I would suggest collective.collectionfilter .

If you just want to show the item count, I would register a viewlet just for the front page.

To do it TTW I think you need to 'do much more work' . You could do it with diazo and / or within the theme. But as said: Feels overly complicated compared to making a viewlet with plonecli (bobtemplates)

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Thank you @espenmn I'll try to register a viewlet just for front page and also with diazo theme.

If you register a viewlet, you might not need to 'do anything diazo'.

PS: You should defently look at plonecli. It will make almost all the code for you. GitHub - plone/plonecli: Plone Command Line Client - for creating and working with custom add-ons and themes

Also: Search this forum for plonecli, a lot has been explained before.

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