"Shopping cart" for search result

I have a customer who wants to 'save search results to a (text) file.
They are currently using eea.facetednavigation (which I have not used in a long time (I use collective.collectionfilter instead).

I have a vague memory that someone made something like a 'shopping cart' for search result. Does something like that exist?

It probably won't help you, but I have to mention that we've built something similar for Volto's default search block, we called it a "fav board" and we've restricted it only to authenticated users. Then we have a private/public "fav board" dashboard pages.

The code is open source, it sits here: volto-freshwater/src/components/theme/FavBoard at master · eea/volto-freshwater · GitHub and GitHub - eea/eea.favboard: Favourites board for Plone

Thanks for sharing. How is your approach with 'selecting items' ?

From UI point of view: Is it 'clicking on the stars ? (and then you have a javascript / cookie that 'remembers them' (and can you 'unselect them')?

Is the javascript 'very volto', or is it something I can 'use a little from'?

PS: I am told that it should be useable in Plone 5.1 which they have now.

Clicking on the stars adds the item in the "basket", creating a list of items. You can then save that list as a "favourites board".

It's extremely specific to Volto's (Plone 6 frontend) flavour of Javascript (with React, JSX and deeply integrated with Volto). I don't think you could use any of that outside Volto, it would have to be a complete rewrite. Perhaps the backend support is more useful (eea.favboard).

Thanks for the answer

Do you store the 'basket' in a cookie, or do you keep them just for the 'current window'

After thinking a bit: If I just modify the templates to include the UID it should be easier to make this, especially if I can do it with 'just plain javascript' and a call 'to an (api) url.

Simplified, we store the items just for the current window.

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