Setuptools buildout issue on Plone 5 site

Hi all,

I've got a buildout error, which seems to be a conflict between zc.buildout and setuptools. It seems to be down to a recent upgrade in setuptools so I've raised a ticket. But I was wondering has anyone else had a similar experience or know of a work around?

raise ImportError("%r has no %r attribute" % (entry,attr)) ImportError: <module 'setuptools.dist' from '/tmp/website/lib/python2.7/site-packages/setuptools/dist.pyc'> has no 'check_specifier' attribute

Perhaps an issue with a specific setuptools version?

Try to pin the latest setuptools version or an older working version in your buildout configuration.

Unfortunately the setuptools release policy is insane....more setuptools releases than atoms on the planet.


Hi Adam,

A good workaround for these kind of setuptools/buildout bootstrapping issues is to avoid the old-style bootstrap and use pip to install both setuptools and zc.buildout. Like:
virtualenv --clear -p python2.7 . bin/pip install -r requirements.txt

Where the requirements.txt is like below, and you make sure your buildout version pins for setuptools and zc.buildout are identical to the versions selected for pip.


Thanks @zopyx and @gyst. I had tried to pin setuptools to the 29.0.1 version, but that didn't work. But using Guido's recommendation for using pip and a requirements.txt file to pin the packages has fixed my problem. Thanks for your help

@gyst you can further improve that with

bin/buildout annotate | grep -E 'setuptools= |zc.buildout= ' | sed 's/= /==/' > requirements.txt