Setuptools 8 seems to break all buildout

setuptools 8.0 has been released today and it seems to break all buildouts although setuptools
is pinned within the buildout configuration.

Extracting in /tmp/tmpkEgN8Z
Now working in /tmp/tmpkEgN8Z/setuptools-8.0
Building a Setuptools egg in /tmp/tmpUZ9Gox
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 145, in
if _final_version(distv):
File "", line 131, in _final_version
for part in parsed_version:
TypeError: 'Version' object is not iterable

Any idea how to fix this problem?


Reading setuptools changelog they added support for PEP 440 so until all plone packages are working with that version system we need to pin setuptools to 7.0.

That or override all dependency pins to use the triple equals notation:

zope.component === 3.7.0

Pinning has no effect here (as Tom Gross explained in this blog).

However setuptools 8.0.1 fixes the problem.


8.0.1 is only a part of the solution. A later installation of mr.developer fails.

I ended up putting a local modified copy of with setuptools 7.0 pinned inside
on my own server and pointing the URL inside to my server.