Setting time zones via zope because Plone time zone doesn't work

Hi, i reported a long time ago that the Plone time zone setting didn't stick

since there hasn't been progress, I looked into changing it in Zope

for me, this setting would be:

zope-conf-additional =

TZ America/Los_Angeles

I realize this wouldn't work for sites with users in multiple time zones, but I don't have that issue.

I remember trying years ago to get this to work but I don't think I did. In in above link, the instructions are: "the relevant instance section in the buildout.."

Do you know where this would go?

here is the latest thread on this

From what I understand, the buildout recreate the parts where are stored the zope.conf file(s) where the TZ environment zone is set for the Zope(s) process(es)
You can check immediately after the buildout in the zope.conf file(s) if the TZ environment variable is set.
grep TZ zope.conf