Set vocabulary of memberdata select field in profiles/default

Hi, ich want to set the vocabulary used on a custom memberdata select field in the profile.

When i create such a field through the web an export the memberdata tool and/or memberdata properties on the Site Configuration Export Steps, i end up with xml only defining a property of type string, without the vocabulary definition.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<object name="portal_memberdata" meta_type="PlonePAS MemberData Tool">
  <property name="neues_feld" type="string"></property>

Where do i define the vocabulary for a string property field with select in the profile ?

@tdkuehnel The export step you used defines what properties can be stored in the memberdata tool, but it doesn't define the schema that is used to build forms. Look for this export step instead: "Export member custom TTW schema"

Thank you. That was exactly what i needed. :grinning: