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Please tell me, is there a possibility in Plone to add meta tags to landing pages or pages created by filters?

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Svobodin Anatoly

"meta tags" and "filters" are some very overused terms so you might need to give more detail what your usecase is for anyone to answer.

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Thank you for your response. The question consisted in the following there is a site, on the site there is a filter on the page of the assortment of goods. For example, if you go to the diamond disks section, I can't understand which tags are responsible for meta name description and which are responsible for meta name keywords and which are responsible for the title name.

I attached a screenshot of a piece of source code to the Diamond Cut-Off Disks page

Perhaps you can help me, just now all meta tags are defined as < meta content... >

I want to correct meta tags + is there an opportunity to prescribe my tags to pages of this type:

In fact only? konfektion = Diamanttrennscheiben & durchmesser = 150.0 is added, but I understand there is somewhere possible in Plone Add your keywords, descriptions and page headers. How best to implement meta tags to the result works filter on site.

I will be grateful for any recommendation

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I can see why you might be confused. Searches for "plone dublincore" and "plone html metadata" don't turn up anything relevent in the manual.

Most of those come from the dublincore behavior which is part of standard content types - Via a head viewlet.

In terms of filters I've not idea what you mean as html metadata and some kind of custom search page have not much to do with each other. There are plugins to let manipulate the html metadata for SEO purposes you can use. There are plugins that let you create custom search pages like collective.collectionfilter and eea.facetnagivation.

Maybe you need to express what you want in a step by step scenario of what your desired user experience would be.


Thanks a lot for council. I will surely look what plug-ins for this purpose are on Plone. By the way, can be at you there are any recommendations?