Sent Wrong File for GSOC's Proposal

This is to bring to your notice that the file sent for GSOC's proposal was not the actual file to be sent.
I apologize for my mistake.

Providing Links for correct Files:

GSOC Proposal PDF

GSOC Proposal Markdown Format ( .md)

Come on, this would be unfair isn't it. I wrote 2 proposals with one having 21 pages and other having 6 pages. I have grown the understanding in these days and wish I could have written more. If you will get a chance like this so am I. But I am pretty sure you will have to come next time.

Submitted is submitted.

Apart from that, a proposal with two pages is not worth being read.
The submission shows that you don't have any intrinsic motivation for digging into the proposed topic.
Reading such a proposal is time-wasting.

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