Senior Plone Developer - Full-Time Salaried Position - Write Code that Saves Lives

My company, Antimicrobial Therapy Inc. (aka Sanford Guide), is looking to hire a senior Plone developer to manage our CMS, which serves infectious disease treatment guidelines to hundreds of thousands of medical professionals around the world.

We're a small but mighty bunch (5 developers, 15 staff in all), but we're an industry leader in what we do, and a fun group to be a part of. The position offers competitive salary and benefits, the opportunity to be the principal architect of a critical system that helps save lives, support for ongoing participation in the Plone community, and the casual atmosphere of a small family business.

Please use the email address in the PDF to ask questions, as I never seem to notice new message requests for months (don't worry - I'm not one of your fellow developers).

Stay safe, and stay sane!


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