Sendto_form and chaptcha on PLONE 5

We have the problem that a lot of spam was injected thru the sendto_form, that we use as document action so that the user can recommend an article on our website to someone else.
While under PLONE 4 this worked fine with the Plone Captchas Product - which had its own sendto_form with the capcha field, I do not know how to do that in our PLONE 5 Installation. We can call the sendto_form, but can't find the sendto_form pagetemplate anywhere.
Do we have to use a formgenerator with captcha support for an own form that replaces the sento_form?
While I understand that PloneFormgen with Recaptcha is not good for PLONE 5 as it supports only AT types, I found that collective.easyform can be used with recaptcha support.
Is that the right way to do that? Is there no more captcha support for sento_form or did I overlook something?

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Thanks for the Information about recaptcha support for the contactform. But I wonder, if there is a similar catcha support under PLONE 5 for the sendto_form.
Or does anybody know, whether quintagroup.plonecaptchas - which worked fine for sendto_form under PLONE 4 - does also work on PLONE 5?