Sending confirmation emails using Volto-form-block

Hello everyone,

I want to send confirmation emails to the people who submitted the form. Has anyone used this on their websites before? I was searching if there is a default option that I can use for this purpose. I would be glad if you can share your experiences about this.

I am using:

  • Volto 16.21.3
  • Plone 6.0.5
  • Volto-form-block: 3.1.0
  • Volto: Form support

Hey @cihanandac!
I've a couple of PRs open with this exact functionality:

There's still some things to tidy up in the backend package, but we've been using this in a couple of our sites for a few months now without any issues

Thank you so much @JeffersonBledsoe for sharing these PRs. This is so helpful. I will definitely look at them and see if I can apply to my project. And hopefully they can be accepted soon to the repository so that it can come out of the box.

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I add this to my project and after few changes it is working great. Thank you so much @JeffersonBledsoe for this contribution.

I wanted to add my notes about implementing so maybe you can change this or maybe in future someone reads it and use it to implement this feature.

On the (line 293), I have changed the value to 'store' instead of 'send'.
I also changed the 'formSchema.js' to use this value in line 76:

          ...(formData?.store &&
          Array.isArray( &&
            ? ['acknowledgementFields', 'acknowledgementMessage']
            : []),

Thanks for the feedback! You raised a good use case, you might want to send the acknowledgement on either send or store. I’ll adjust the PRs when I get the chance to account for this