Send SMS from EasyForm

Has anyone tried to send SMS upon completion of EasyForms? (most of the phones will have norwegian numbers, but some might be other (EU countries), if that matters).
My customer asked me "can you check how much it costs, so if anyone knows 'roughly', it would be nice.

Search for „sms providers“..they all hve their own API

There are many SMS API providers around the globe. Some of them even offering more than just sending an SMS, like phone number verification, 2-factor Auth, voice-messages, ...

All in common are offering a RESTful API you can easily feed using requests. Some even offering ready to use Python APIs.

So it really depends on your case, Google or Bing are your friends in figuring out.

If it comes to EasyForm you need to write an action sending the SMS - as a blueprint the default actions in here are a valuable resource collective.easyform/ at master · collective/collective.easyform · GitHub