Send form to specific user

Hello,how i can send form to specific user using easyform Also with the use of workflow ?

Explain in detail what you are trying to do. I don't see any connection between sending/submitting a form, the mentioned add-on and workflow settings.

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I want to create a form and then send this form to a specific user who can read it(form information) then send this form back to another user who also reads this form and finally return the form to the first user to save it to be retrieved if desired by a user . each user has a different role for example i have a company and this company consist of three offices in the first one there is a employee(user) who can create the form then send this form to the second office which has a employee(user) who can read the form and also send the form to the third office (to the third employee) who reads this form and finally return it to the first user to save it. I created the users and the form as well, but did not know how to send this form to the user I want so what should i do now , and I'm sorry I made a mistake when i'am writing the collective.editablemenu i correct it . thanks

This can be accomplished with a custom workflow (look at the review workflow of Plone as a blue print). You can change security assignments as part of a workflow transition. Your "form" could be a standard Dexterity content type with arbitrary read and write permissions per field which are then mapped to roles and configured through the workflow...things to figure out yourself: read and write permissions in Dexterity content and how workflows and the security mapping works in workflows.

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Actually probably this new chapter on workflow is more relevant:

(I've been meaning to update to say something about it)

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thx a lot if you don't mind a have a little question which is if i want to make a user add his signature on the form How can I do that?

What form of signature do you need? An image? A digital signature? For some purposes it may be enough for the person to log into the site with a username and password and to type their initials onto the form

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I want the employee to sign the form and then send it to another employee to sign it in turn

You want the employee to sign in ink on a piece of paper? Or do you want the electronic or online equivalent?

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through the network