Selected tinymce plugins not being added to toolbar

In SiteSetup, when I configure tinymce and add plugins from the available list, some plugins add into the toolbar of the editor, some don't. For example:

some plugins that add when selected:
fullsize, directionality, previw, datetime.

some plugins that don't add when selected:
anchor, text color, etc.

I looked here:
to ensure I knew what behavior to expect.

I am using Plone ;however, I've seen the same problem in all of the latest versions. I remember way back with Plone 4, these plugins worked.

Also, I checked at the plone demo site, same issues

Side Note: the 'insert horizontal line' stopped working in this version. clicking on the button does nothing (looking a source code does not show the 'hr'. ). I confirmed it wasn't added to html filtering by mistake.


You have to add the anchor and the text color to the toolbar yourself:

ltr rtl | undo redo | styleselect | bold italic | alignleft aligncenter alignright alignjustify | bullist numlist outdent indent | unlink plonelink ploneimage | anchor | forecolor backcolor

from my quick check colors are probably filtered out by default. It may be possible to override that.

Thanks @gp54321

you helped me get it on the tool bar; however, as you suspected, it is filtered.

  1. after adding color to text, it displays that color while still in edit.
  2. saving removes color
  3. however, looking at the html code, adding a color adds a span tag. That isn't how color is added. ( Why is span tag used? (Note: the span tag is on the allowed list, so it shouldn't be filtered.
  4. I tried turning off html filtering but color still not shown. (Note: i did see the warning about caching, and I wasn't sure how to deal with that, so I can't be certain caching isn't the issue.
  5. Looking here:
    I tried adding color and background-color to allowed list. No change. but noted above the "span" tag is used not these to tags. is the span tag the problem?
  6. I tried:

    This is a paragraph.

    . but, even after i remove style from the nasty list, it is still filtered (removed) from the html code
  7. looking here:
    i see why the span tag is there; however, seems to be missing the text color definitions

Suggestions on how to fix this?

Note: in your list of text to add you had:.... "| anchor | forecolor backcolor" (no quotes).
I assumed you had forgotten to add the | between forecolor and backcolor. I tried it both ways and both seems to work. Not sure if it matters

Appreciate the help

I think the style is filtered out by: /@@filter-controlpanel

Like @espenmn said, the html filtering control panel is where all this stuff is managed.
You can get


back by explicitely adding hr to valid tags. I don't know how to allow color withour disabling completely html filtering. And the | characters don't have any meaning, they are purely cosmetic.
Plone 4 Tinymce version is much older and was working differently (oldies but goldies)

@gp54321 yes, the hr can be added back.

it's crazy that color doesn't work. I'll pursue that and post back if i find an answer.

the colour is added by

 <something style="color: #123456">

So you need to enable 'style' in the control panel (see my last post)