Seeking recommendations for keyboard shortcuts to add to Plone Theme Editor?

In one of my previous post, I mentioned that I introduced context menu for files on the Plone Theme Editor page, which allow users to manipulate files and folders by right clicking on an item within the file tree.

In this post, I'm requesting recommendations for operations, which you think should have a keyboard shortcut. Currently, I have the following implemented:

  • Alt + N to create a new file
  • Alt + Shift + N to create a new folder
  • Crtl + S to save a file
  • Crtl + F search for a file by name - This is only active when the focus set to the text editor
  • Crtl + Shift + F search for the given text within files.

Any recommendations?

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Ctrl + E - search for files that contain strings within the entire project or selected folder.

That's what Crtl + Shift + F does

Is that the more common shortcut? I know Ctrl + E ( CMD + E) is used in Cloud9 IDE.

I guess I can change it to that if it is more command.

Is there a list of functions you have, and a corresponding set of short cut keys you've set (or not set) for each function?

The comments above make me wonder if there should be a way for a power user or admin to change or reconfigure somehow (doesn't have to be a friendly UI) the short cut keys for each function.

(As a Mac user, I would find the use of the Control key modifier nonstandard).

true... I assumed that it would swap to CMD on Mac.