Seeking help with Plone 4 export

I would like to use export-import to export mostly news and event items from a Plone 4 source into a format that can be imported into a Drupal instance. I've experimented witih plone.exportimport and have not been successful with getting a cogent output to JSON. This is a one-time project - paid, of course. Please get in touch if you are interested.

Hi William,

To export content for (cross) migration purposes, please use collective.exportimport. It has specific instruction for pinnings so thar you can install the addon in Plone 4 sites and it still runs/supports Python 2

Plone.exportimport is a new package, created to export and import content programmatically only for the latest Plone 6 and Pgthon versions. It is intended to go in core and plone.distribution will depend on it to scaffold demo content.

Plone.exportimport is inspired by and reuses a significant part of the code/ideas from collective.exportimport, but lt is a big refactor, rewrite and code cleanup by @ericof to support the essentials.

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Provided you have installed collective.exportimport you can call /my-folder/@@export_content on any container and see a form that allows you to pick the content-types you want to export from that section of the page.
To transform that to the json-format required by Drupal (whatever that may be) you can hook into the export using the global_dict_hook to modify the json that will be saved. See the docs for more info on that.

Many thanks to all for clarifications - it ends up I've already installed collective.exportimport (not plone.*). Also have found a consultant to provide support.


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