Seeking Help to Enhance Documentation UI

I'm interested in improving the documentation UI, but I'm unsure where to find the UI repository. Can somebody help me out? I have some ideas in mind to enhance the documentation UI.

You can create issues in GitHub - plone/plone-sphinx-theme, which will become the new theme for all of Plone documentation.

thank you

Hey @stevepiercy, is your suggestion to refer to the Sphinx Book Theme docs? It seems a bit intricate this way. No offense, but do you have a shorter route where I can make UI changes or any concise advice to sidestep delving into the extensive Sphinx Book documentation?

Currently all documentation uses Sphinx Book Theme, which depends on PyData Sphinx Theme. plone-sphinx-theme is based on Sphinx Book Theme, by pulling in modifications from the customizations made for the Training site. Yes, that's confusing. Welcome to Sphinx theming, one of the most convoluted design platforms on earth.

Before doing any work, you should create an issue to discuss the scope of work you want to perform, per items 2 and 3 in Work with GitHub issues. Use the plone-sphinx-theme repo for filing issues. Discussion is required to avoid unnecessary work. There may be new features and bugfixes in the upstream themes that have not yet been applied to the existing theme.