Seeking feedback for the Plone Conference 2023 advanced Volto training

Hey Plonistas,

As you may know, Victor and I are planning to do some form of an advanced Volto training at the upcoming Plone Conference in Eibar. We would like to have some feedback from the potential attendees, in order to know which is the best content to be delivered.

We have the Volto Addons and Effective Volto as skeletons on which to build and update.

What kind of training are you interested most? Which would most benefit you? Please cast your vote, but also comment here, add your suggestions or ideas, feedback for the previous training sessions, if you attended, etc.

  • Effective Volto
  • Volto Addons
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Thank you!


I am guessing more people need basic Volto training than highly advanced, even if both are available

According to the conference training page, Volto for beginners will be covered by 2 trainings, Plone 6 Volto and React and Plone 6 Volto Customization for JavaScript Beginners. We can do more basic level, but we'd be trespassing heavily on the other trainings.

Volto Addons was meant as the more advanced training at its first edition, although now it seems relatively basic and very much focused on creating something finite, like a real "product". Effective Volto was meant to be comprehensive and cover everything, more like a way to expose all the possibilities and provoke participants into discussions on concepts and details.


I'd vote for Effective Volto over Volto addons as it covers the most detailed View of Volto internal components from SSR to async rendering, i18n, the razzle internals etc.... I think there will be more than enough people ( like last year :slight_smile: ) willing to learn Volto internals in depth.

For me It seems volto addons training became the subset of Effective volto in some way.

I would say that last year's Effective Volto was more a show & tell and a Q&A session than a training, which in itself it is not bad, but I think that the concept of a training is something else. I see Effective Volto more like a talk during the Conference.

8h talk with QA :slight_smile: