Searching a service provider for zope

The company where I hired a shared virtual private server is taken over by another company. Zope is not migratable. Other options that were suggested are,, and Does any of you have experience with these providers or with other providers?
I need a minimal configuration, my Zope application has a very low amount of traffic.
I appreciate any suggestions.

Digital Ocean, Linode, Rackspace all worked pretty good in the past. Depending on your requirements (GDPR) you might have to chose one over the other.

What do you mean by “Zope is not migratable”?

If you just need a virtual machine to host your stuff yourself, your listed providers will be sufficient. Additional I can recommend the Hetzner Cloud machines (I use those myself for Plone).

If you look for a specialized provider with long, in-depth Zope experience, then is probably a good choice.

As a long time customer of I can highly recommend them.

The service is super reliable, the support is excellent, and while they won't develop your app, two of their staff were former Zope contributors. They know a thing or two :slight_smile:

There is a but... their pricing model may not fit the "I have this one very low traffic Zope app", as they charge a basic platform fee, which would hurt quite a bit when you only run 1 or 2 VMs, but does not matter much when - as we - run 15+ VMs.

That said - if your app is business critical and you like to have deployment and management support, have a look!

These were not my words. I suppose they they are rather restrictive about the software they allow. Zope, Pylons, Pyramid, among others are not available.

Thanks very much for your input

Of course they do allow those installations. You can install whatever you want on those virtual machines. They don't offer it on the marketplace as ready to click installs, if that's what your looking for.

If you want that take a look at