Search Images not displaying after upgrade to volto 14.10.0

I created a dexterity type for uploading staff members with information including an image. In Volto I created a page that uses Block Search to find staff and customised the SummaryTemplate to display a small image and the name of each staff member along with a ‘more info’ button. The image displayed in volto on verstion 13.12.0 but when we upgraded Volto the images are not displaying. The staff members page has the image but that is displayed with content.image as opposed to item.image for the Search display.

Version Overview Volto 14.10.0 Plone 5.2.7 plone.restapi 8.21.2 CMF 2.5.4 Zope 4.6.3
• Python 3.9.2 (default, Feb 28 2021, 17:03:44) [GCC 10.2.1 20210110]
• PIL 6.2.2 (Pillow)
Add-ons volto-form-block 2.0.2 volto-subblocks 1.0.1

The code is :

{ => (
{!item.image && } {item.image && ( {item.title} )}

How do I get the images displaying on the Block Search page. Thanks in advance.

Code did not display fully.

{ => (
{!item.image && } {item.image && ( {item.title} )}

Sorry, it will not upload the code for what ever reason. The code is as it is in the SummaryTemplate.jsx

I have created a brand new volto site and added images. I then selected 'Album view' but no images displayed. I then added a page with a search block for images, this also displays nothing. I upgraded to Volto 15 but the result was the same. No images displayed with an Album view or in a search. An image placed inside a page does display.

Make sure that the backend is upgraded as well, with the latest plone.volto and plone.restapi.

Thank you. We have images displaying again after upgrading as you suggested and the search on images is also displaying the images which is great. As a side note, I did not manage to get the Album view to work. Thank you for your assistance in solving my problem.

The album view is not implemented in Volto, AFAIK, though there's no technical limitations that would make it hard to implement. There's been discussions on "folder vs folderish pages w/ blocks" here on this forum, the gist of it is that you can replace a folder with a page, add a listing block inside and set its Variation to Image Gallery.

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