Search Content in Volto

The search for content in Plone6/Volto seems to function similarly to the old Plone. But how do I display only the second to fourth search hits, for example?

So far I do my search like this:

      searchContent(, {
        portal_type: ['News Item'],
        review_state: 'published',
        sort_on: 'effective',
        b_size: 3,
        fullobjects: true,

In the old Plone I would have solved it like this:

<tal:suche tal:define="results python:here.portal_catalog.searchResults(
   portal_type=('News Item'),

Is there a documentation for the searchContent in Plone?

When I search with searchContent I can query all elements of an object. Even those that have been added by dexterity. It simply works like this:


But when I search for items with the listing in Volto, I can't get to the new elements. Here item.preline is empty. In the old Plone I would have done it like this

item_object item/getObject;
item_preline item_object/preline|nothing;

At least for the first problem, I have found a solution. Here I can filter the results with slice while mapping.

{searchResults &&
                    searchResults.slice(1, 4).map((item) => (